Niche Marketing: How to get Organic Conversions with Content Writing

Niche Marketing: How to get Organic Conversions with Content Writing

While doing Niche Marketing a lot of things need to work together to make it a successful campaign. It is different from traditional marketing. In Niche Marketing, all the marketing channels are used for targeting a specific chunk of people. It is useful for more specific businesses; especially, B2B ones. There are many aspects of this kind of Marketing. But, in this post, we’ll only talk about Content Creation and will be using Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

Niche Marketing for getting Organic Conversions through Content Creation using Google Adwords Keywords Planner

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What is Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is more specific kind of marketing where all the marketing channels, be it Facebook, Adwords, Organic are used to target a specific set of people. It can prove to be one of the best ways for budding businesses of both B2B (Business to Business) as well as B2C (Business to Consumer). In this kind of Marketing, the focus is to build a highly specific audience that matches to the domain of the business. It is one of the highly targeted type of marketing. Brands need to find their point of interest in a big domain that becomes the niche of that brand. For instance, a tea brand can choose green tea as its point of interest and that becomes its niche.

Why Content Creation

Let’s not confuse people with Content Creation, In this post I’m specifically talking about Articles not Social Media Posts or any other type of Content. While doing Niche Marketing, Content Creation can prove to be one of the best ways of doing this kind of marketing. Content Creation has the potential to find new leads, get organic conversions and Google is the goldmine for this. With Content Creation, it becomes easy to find new leads and build trust as you are creating value to someone’s life. That’s all Niche Marketing is all about, creating value and then making business out of it.

Yet again, keywords play important role here. As, you wouldn’t want to write articles about something that people don’t search.

Getting Started

Below are the few things to keep in mind before jumping to Content Creation in Niche Marketing.

  • Make a list of Keywords having low competition and high volume (>10k)
  • Keywords must match your Niche
  • Check the trends of the keywords in Google Trends
  • Check your competitors Keywords

Why focus on Keywords

Our main goal is to get organic conversions through Niche Marketing. So, it becomes obvious to stick to keywords that match our niche and check if they have enough traction. Using right keywords in right manner can yield really good results.

Data based writing

Before writing something, we need to check the relevancy of the topic and other articles too. Google Trends and Google Adwords can help us to gather data about different keywords. And, they can also be used to find new keywords. These two tools are very helpful for Niche Marketing.

How to find right Keywords with Google Adwords for free

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Finding right keywords for your niche isn’t a big deal. Also, it can be done for absolutely free using Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

  1. Open Google Adwords

    Go to the official Google Adwords website and Sign In to your account and create a new if you don’t have already.

  2. Find Adwords Keyword Planner from Tools and Settings

  3. Enter a keyword that matches to your niche, let’s say “Career Development”

    How to Find Right Keywords for free with Google Adwords Keyword Planner for Niche Marketing
    As you can see, there are various other keywords with good search volume between 1k to 10k and having low competition.

How to write content for Niche Marketing

Now, we have required Keywords for our Niche. It is time to write some content. Firstly, do a research on how the competitors have written the content around that topic. Secondly, outline your content and make sure it is of minimum 1200 words. Google loves long and well ordered articles, long articles have tendency to be featured on Google Searches for specific kind of articles like ‘How to’, ‘Best ways to’.

Featured Snippets on Google for Niche Marketing and Content Creation using Google Adwords Keyword Planner

As you can see, our website ranks on the 1st and also as featured snippet when someone looks for the ways to create searchable pdf with Android. Featured snippets are created if we have a structured article, one can use ‘Yoast How to’ to beat the odds of being featured.

Checklist for Content Creation for Niche Marketing

  1. First, make a list of keywords as already described
  2. Decide whether the post is going to be How to post or normal post
  3. Use a Headline Analyzer
  4. Use SEO Plugins like Yoast for SEO and Readability analysis
  5. Write content of minimum 1200 words
  6. Use Headings and sub headings that contain your focus keywords for Niche Marketing
  7. Share content on various platforms like Facebok, Google, LinkedIn etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Niche

Pie Chart Showing different Factors in SEO viz Content Creation for Niche Marketing using Google Adwords Keyword Planner

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is very crucial for Niche Marketing and Content Creation. Because, it’s the search engines like Google that’ll bring organic conversions through our Posts. Time has changed now and old tricks don’t seem to work like keyword stuffing. Nowadays, search engines use advanced algorithms to rank pages. While ranking, to give a rough idea, 60% is content, 20% is DA (Domain Authority), 10% is backlinks, 10% is Social Shares. Now, one of the factors can outperform other.

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    Case Studies

    Many big brands like Mailchimp, Hubspot do this very effectively and some people know about these services because of their content. Remember, when you were last time reading about Mail Merge, did you get article from Mailchimp on Google Search? This is how this type of Niche Marketing works. You create value to people and solve their problems and they become your customers.

    Niche Marketing: Hubspot

    If you see, Hubspot’s content writing team is very active. They have tutorials for a lot of things ranging from Facebook ads to automation. And, for all the articles they’ve written they do have products related to those articles and they promote them as well in between their articles.

    Niche Marketing: Mailchimp

    If you ever had doubts or stuck while setting up mailing, you probably saw articles from Mailchimp when you googled your problem. They have tutorials for WordPress too, the reason is most of the wordpress sites have MailChimp integrated.


    In Conclusion, Niche Marketing is very powerful marketing method for Small Businesses as well as for Businesses that are very specific. Content Creation is an aspect of Niche Marketing that big names like Mailchimp and Hubspot do very nicely. Content creation can help to build audiences that are very likely to buy our product or service. Also, in this post we didn’t use any paid tool for finding keywords. You can do it but Google Adwords Keyword Planner is more than sufficient for beginners as well as established businesses.

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