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Liquid Web vs Nexcess | Which one is better for you?

Liquid Web and Nexcess are the two different members from the same family, they do the same thing HOSTING. Interestingly, they are made for different kind of business or people. The key difference between Liquid Web and Nexcess is that Nexcess is a Managed Web Hosting provider while Liquid Web is more like a traditional Web Hosting Company. One can compare the situation with a rough SUV and sedan! Both are awesome in their own ways. Both are cars but have different audience.

What is Managed Hosting?

As its name suggests, Managed Hosting is the easiest way to get your website or app up and running. Managed Hosting is often optimized for a single Software for example WordPress Hosting, Magento Hosting etc. You don’t need to get access to SSH and do all sort of debugging while setting up your website with Managed Hosting. You don’t have to worry about optimizations, as it is Managed Hosting. And, everything is already optimized for your requirements. As a result, you save Money and Time. This Managed Hosting thing makes Nexcess and Liquid Web different. As, Nexcess is a Managed Hosting provider while the latter is traditional Web Hosting provider.

Liquid Web vs Nexcess | Differences between Liquid Web and Nexcess

Liquid Web vs Nexcess (Managed Hosting)
Liquid Web vs Nexcess

As you can see, from above Image, both Nexcess and Liquid Web host websites but they host them differently. In Liquid Web, you have to manage everything from optimization to security. While, Nexcess manages everything on your behalf.

Liquid WebNexcess
Products- Fully customizable VPS, Dedicated Servers with Root Access, VMware Private Cloud, Multi-Server SolutionsProducts- Fully Managed Wordpress, Fully Managed WooCommerce, Managed Magento Hosting
Hosted in Cloud, so you can always scale on demand.Instant Auto Scaling as it is fully Managed when your traffic peaks
Fully Customizable with 100% power and 99.999% uptime guaranteeFully Managed by Nexcess professionals
Starts At- $15 per monthStarts At- $19 per month
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Liquid Web vs Nexcess – Table of Differences

Which one to Choose between Liquid Web and Nexcess

As you can see, the answer is very clear. If your team is big and you need to have complete control over your servers, then you should go for Liquid Web. If your team is small and you don’t have that much of technical expertise, you may go for Nexcess. Nexcess is a fully managed solution for WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento etc. But, if you need to host your custom website, you should use Liquid Web because. As a result, it will give you flexibility and also Root Access.

Use cases of Liquid Web

  • A custom ecommerce website developed from Scratch.
  • WordPress or WooCommerce Website, that requires a lot of customizations and root level modifications. Then, you can use Liquid Web.

Sign Up with Liquid Web

Signing up with Liquid Web is quite simple you just have to go through this link.

Use cases of Nexcess

  • A blog Website, Nexcess will manage everything. As a result, author will focus on his writings instead of server level fuss.
  • eCommerce Websites, Nexcess will do all of server level modifications. As a result, you can focus on your product instead of worrying about speed and optimization.
  • Setting up Magento is a big pain. But, Nexcess comes to save. So, you won’t have to go through so many debugging while setting up Magento with Nexcess.

Sign Up with Nexcess

So, you have decided to get Fully Managed Hosting. Go through this link.

Still Confused? What to choose

We have created an interactive tool to help you choose the best one for you between Liquid Web and Nexcess. You just need to fill in the information about your project.

Liquid Web vs Nexcess
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