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How to create Searchable PDF with Android

Searchable PDF with Hexane
Create Searchable PDFs easily from your Images

In this post, I’m going to discuss about some Android apps to convert and extract text into searchable content within PDF files for free.

If you cannot search a PDF file for its content, the whole file probably has been saved as one big image. The most common use case is for scanned PDF files. Now, in order to make it searchable you can use this Android App and make your PDF searchable for free. Read More about the app

How to make Searchable PDFs with Scanne

  1. Firstly, Install Scanne – Document Scanner with OCR for Android
  2. Secondly, Open Scanne and select or capture your Document
  3. Thirdly, Open the scanned document and tap the share icon
  4. Now, select PDF (OCR)
  5. Voila, You have now created the PDF and you can now search in it.

Most of the Document Scanning Apps create PDFs that contain one big image. As a result, one can’t search anything in that PDF as it is not in text form. So, in that case we need to make that PDF searchable. To achieve that, we can make the use of this app named Scanne.

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